Installing Amulet

This is part of a series of tutorials about the Amulet programming language. If you do not yet have an Amulet compiler, please refer to the installation instructions.

Installing a binary distribution (Linux)

You can use the installation script provided in this website:

curl | bash -

This will automatically download and install the latest Amulet build to a prefix of your choosing (set the environment variable PREFIX to change it). These binaries are statically linked and thus should work on any Linux distribution; Please open an issue if it doesn’t.

This installation script verifies the signature for both the release and nightly channels. It will tell you what key you need to import if the signature is invalid.

Building from source (anything else)

Make sure you have the Haskell Stack installed.

Clone the repository and install using Stack:

git clone --depth 1
cd amulet
stack install

Congratulations! You've reached the end of this tutorial. You can find the next one here!